From sleek modern kitchens to elegant custom built-ins, take a glimpse into the attention to detail and dedication to excellence that defines our work. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own project or just appreciate fine craftsmanship, our video showcase is sure to captivate and inspire. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the beauty of our past creations. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can bring your vision to life, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to turn your dreams into reality.

Bel Air Residence

Traditional and exquisitely crafted cabinetry we designed for a stunning home in Bel Air. At H & J Cabinets, we specialize in creating timeless beauty, and this project is a testament to our commitment to excellence. The olive hinges selected for this project are not just functional but are chosen for their subtle beauty, complementing the traditional style with a touch of understated luxury.

Emerald Bay Residence

A tour of this modern space, where the naturally finished, plain sliced oak stands out, exuding a warm, inviting aura against the backdrop of cool tile accents. Our design philosophy marries form with function, blending cool and warm elements to create a harmonious living environment that feels both innovative and inviting.

Port Streets Residence

Explore the blending of modern and transitional styles in our latest Port Streets project. This video reveals the unique combination of glass and metal, set against cool white finishes and metal accents. The result is a glitzy, sleek look that captures the essence of sophisticated design with a bold, contemporary edge.

Lido Island Residence

Discover traditional craftsmanship with a twist in this beachside Lido Isle home. Our video highlights rift white oak cabinets adorned with traditional details, painted finishes, and oak accents. The design features a plethora of hidden details that merge functionality with timeless style, perfect for a traditional house by the sea.

Pelican Residence

Take a tour of a Moroccan-style home where exquisite ceiling and intricate detailing are the stars. This video showcases the unique ambiance created by walnut finishes that accentuate the sophisticated design elements, offering a glimpse into a luxuriously detailed living space.

Balboa Peninsula Residence

Experience a perfect mix of fine cabinetry, polished metal, and sleek glass in this contemporary colonial home. The video displays a palette of cool whites and warm greys, complemented by oil-rubbed bronze hardware, embodying a blend of modernity and traditional elegance.

Newport Beach Residence

Venture into a home where contemporary style meets bold detailing. This video features rift white oak cabinets with a charcoal stain, highlighted by custom overlay cabinets with a bold reveal around the drawer fronts and micro shaker fronts, presenting a modern yet distinctive look.

Newport Oceanfront Residence

Embrace the contemporary design enriched with a warm walnut stain on rift white oak. This video captures the essence of oceanfront living, showcasing the serene and sophisticated atmosphere of a modern home with stunning views.

Port Margate Residence

Step into a world of traditional Country French design, featuring a plaster hood, walk-in pantry, and every modern kitchen convenience. The video highlights quarter-sawn white oak cabinetry and a custom black stained library and office room, offering a glimpse into a beautifully functional space.

Port Margate Residence

Step into a world of traditional Country French design, featuring a plaster hood, walk-in pantry, and every modern kitchen convenience. The video highlights quarter-sawn white oak cabinetry and a custom black stained library and office room, offering a glimpse into a beautifully functional space.

Scottsdale Residence

This exquisite home features a striking façade of meticulously arranged rustic stones that complement the natural desert landscape. Inside, darkly stained cabinets adorn the spacious kitchen and bathrooms. These custom cabinets are not only beautiful but also functional, designed to meet the needs of a modern household while maintaining a warm, inviting atmosphere. This Scottsdale residence is the epitome of luxury living

Ladera Ranch Residence

Explore the charm of white oak cabinetry finished in white and beaded inset cabinetry that defines this Ladera Ranch home. Our video tour emphasizes the traditional French accents that enhance the home’s warm, inviting atmosphere.

Newport Cliff Residence

Delight in the traditional style of Newport Cliff, featuring custom-styled toe kicks, inlaid panels, and flush inset refrigerator panels. This video showcases the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that make each space both functional and visually stunning.

Irvine Terrace Residence

Enjoy a glimpse into a home that epitomizes traditional Country French style, captured beautifully in our latest video showcase. The design elements and cabinetry bring a timeless elegance to the home, perfect for those who appreciate classic aesthetics.

Dolphin Terrace Residence

Experience the modern simplicity and functional beauty of contemporary design in Dolphin Terrace. This video highlights the clean lines and minimalistic style that define the home, creating a space that’s both visually striking and comfortably livable.

Cameo Shores Residence

Discover the sleek, contemporary design of Cameo Shores through our latest video. The space is defined by its modern aesthetics, offering a clean and sophisticated environment perfect for modern living.

South Laguna Beach Residence

A tour of a contemporary home in South Laguna Beach, where design and function meet to create a uniquely modern living experience. The video captures the essence of sophisticated, contemporary design tailored to the stunning seaside location.

Dover Shores Residence

A clever contemporary home filled with personal touches in Dover Shores. This video showcases how innovative design elements and smart cabinetry solutions can transform a space into a personalized, modern haven.

Big Canyon Residence

Step into the timeless beauty of traditional design in Big Canyon. Our video highlights the rich, classic elements that make the cabinetry and overall décor stand out as exemplars of traditional elegance.

Lido Residence

The refined contemporary design of Balboa Peninsula, featuring inset finger pulls that accentuate the sleek, modern cabinetry. This video showcases how subtle details can make a significant impact in a contemporary space.

Berry Residence Residence

The elegance of contemporary design with an oceanfront view at Dolphin Terrace. The video highlights the serene beauty and sophisticated design elements that make this home a luxurious retreat.

Harbor Ridge Residence

Explore the exceptional contemporary design in Harbor Ridge, where solid wood drawer fronts and doors meet Mozambique and reclaimed white oak countertops. This video captures the intricate details and high-quality materials that define the space.